Supporting BFCS


The first and most important way of supporting BFCS is through dedicated, consistent prayer. Pray for our administrators to make wise decisions regarding the school. Pray for students. Pray for teachers and staff. Pray for safety. There is not a single area in school that doesn't need prayer. 

Annual Giving

Annual giving is the foundation of many private schools' fundraising efforts. At BFCS, we raise funds for capital improvements, equipment, and supplies through various annual campaigns. Your participation and support of these fundraisers is greatly appreciated!


Families are the heart of our school, and we love our partnership with the BFCS Parent-Teacher Fellowship! Parents work in concession at ball games, volunteer during fundraisers, chaperone field trips, and support our teams. Do you have a heart for children? BFCS would love to have you join our family as a mentor. From tutoring to club sponsorship to transportation needs, there is a place for you to help mold young minds. (Background check required before service in direct contact with children can begin.)


BFCS welcomes your donations of library books, technology, and sports equipment. We even have semi-annual blood drives! Have something else in mind? Please contact our front office at 985-735-0387 to speak with our administrator. We are grateful for your support!


Much has been reported about the cost of post-secondary education. Several of our alumni have already designated scholarship funds for graduates entering certain fields of study. With scholarships ranging from $500 to $1500, our alumni are dedicated to helping future generations succeed.