...From a child thou hast known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise...

2 Timothy 2:15

In our elementary classrooms, you will find a unique environment where children are learning under the loving authority of teachers who strive to minister to the whole child. You may happen upon a chapel service or Bible lesson, a traditional class or a SMARTboard in action, a fun-filled ball game or quiet individualized activities, but everywhere you will find a welcoming atmosphere where teachers care and children are learning. Here, you will find a strong academic education without compromising Biblical truth.

Mrs. Kim Norwood


Mrs. Terri Rachel

First Grade

Mrs. Meagan Carney

Second Grade

Mrs. Allison Smith

Third Grade

Ms. Bethany Mallett

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Noah

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Laura Dantin

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Pam Ard

Elementary Librarian

Mrs. Rita Lott


Mrs. Teresa Rosenthal