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Mrs. Rose Jones


Mrs. Jammeye Galloway

Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Maureen Gaddy


Mrs. Sharon McGehee

2019-2020 Student Admissions Application.pdf
2019 - 2020 Fee Sheet.pdf

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Our admission process has several steps:


  1. Contact school to obtain a student application or download from website.
  2. Check fee sheet.
  3. Set up an interview with principal.

* NOTE: Parent must bring their child and these documents to the interview:

    • K3 and up - Copy of birth certificate, social security card, immunization records
    • K5 and up - Must also bring report card or an academic record
    • 6th grade and up - Must also bring a letter of recommendation from pastor, former teacher, guidance counselor, or coach, etc.


  1. Completes interview
  2. Gives parent an admissions packet and a handbook


  1. Takes admission test (1st grade and up)
  2. (7th grade and up) Passes drug screening test from approved drug screening facility (at parent's expense)

Items on file:

  • Copy of birth certificate, social security card, immunization record
  • Signed forms (or online) from admissions packet

Official Registration:

  1. Parent pays registration fee
  2. Records requested from former school

**NOTES: In a case where there is limited seating, a parent may be given one week to obtain documents before the seat is offered to the next prospective student.

In a case where students have academic or behavioral difficulties, the case must be reviewed by the Admissions Committee prior to acceptance.